Saif NH

This is to put on record my appreciation towards the excellent service I received during my procedures. Amerika Aesthetic Hospital is one of its kind, I must say. With the best in-house medical facilities to friendly and ready-to-help staff, my stay at the hospital was smooth and hassle-free. A special mention about the hair transplant nursing staff you are well trained and their work up to the mark when caring for the patients. It was indeed a pleasant change to deal with friendly and caring nursing staff who are so professional in what they are doing. Last but not the least, a special thanks to Mr. Bahtiyar who has been treating me gorgeously since the first call we had together, He has gone beyond his comfort zone to give his best towards my treatment. Mr. Bahtiyar, along with his team has been always available and willing to answer any question in spite of their busy schedules. With world-class medical center, best-in-class specialty doctors, friendly and ever-smiling nursing staff, you must be one proud team! I would like to thank each and every doctor and nurse who has cared for me during my stay. All I would say is please keep the smiles and the good work going! I recommend Amerika Aesthetic Hospital to anyone who want a first class services Yours sincerely Saif

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