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Eyebrow Plantation

Your thin eyebrows are replaced by thick attractive eyebrows suitable for your skin. With your new eyebrows, the beauty of your eyes will also stand out…

Eyebrow Plantation

Eyebrow transplantation is the transfer of non-shedding hair follicles to the empty part of the eyebrow. There are many different causes of eyebrow loss. Stress, drugs used, some skin diseases, physical effects such as injury, burning and hormone imbalances can lead to loss of eyebrows, as well as age-related weakening and shedding of the roots of the eyebrows. The most widely known of these is the so-called “eyebrows offending among the people.The wrong methods used in shaping eyebrows in eyebrows cause damage to roots and decrease eyebrows and result in permanent shedding.The secretion of some hormones more or less than necessary can also cause eyebrow loss. For example, thyroid hormone is low in goiter patients with low thyroid gland. Low thyroid levels can also cause loss of eyebrows and hair.

How is Eyebrow Transplantation Treatment to be done?

Eyebrow planting is done by the same method used for hair transplantation called FUE (follicular unit extraction). In this method, as they are in hair transplantation, the hair follicles (grafts) coded not to shed in the donor region, which are located between the two ears on the back of the head, are taken individually. These roots are placed in the eyebrow area which is empty by adjusting individual angles again.

To whom is Eyebrow Transplantation Treatment could be applied to ?

Men and women 22 years and older who experience permanent eyebrow loss or who want to have a thicker and more shapely shape with structurally weak eyebrows can have eyebrow transplantation.Eyebrow transplantation treatment is preferred by many people who want to look aesthetic or see this process as a necessity for various reasons.

After Eyebrow Transplantation Treatment...

It is observed that they are crusted in the form of dots after the transplantation. During the first week after operation, the eyebrows are washed as described to the patient, and the crusted regions heal and completely remove within 7-10 days. No permanent trace occurs.

What are the Eyebrow Transplantation Treatment Prices?

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Natural and Realistic Appearance!

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Natural and Realistic Appearance!

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Natural and Realistic Appearance!

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Eyebrow Plantation
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