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Laminated Dental Veneer

Laminated Teeth (Porcelain) Veneers We Provide You With The Strongest And Most Beautiful Teeth By Doing With Our Experienced Doctors. Beautify your smile.

What is Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers, also known as laminate veneers, are thin porcelain coverings that are bonded to the front surface of teeth. They are leaf-shaped and extremely thin. Laminate veneers can provide a great improvement in the appearance of teeth.

These porcelain laminates, which are very thin and leaf-shaped, create a natural and highly white tooth appearance. Laminates are a popular choice in smile makeovers due to their ability to meet aesthetic needs.

Laminate veneers and laminate porcelain veneers refer to the same procedure. Laminate veneers are one of the most preferred cosmetic dental treatments.

Laminate porcelain veneers are an effective option for achieving an aesthetic smile. With laminate veneers, the color, shape, and size of the teeth can be altered, cracks and stains can be concealed, and gaps can be closed. This allows for a more beautiful and confident smile.

How Are Dental Veneers Applied?

In the process of dental veneers, a thorough examination and evaluation of the patient's oral structure and teeth are conducted by our dentists. Based on the assessment made by the dentist and the patient, a decision is made regarding the suitability of the patient for laminate porcelain veneers.

If laminate porcelain veneers are chosen, a smile design is created based on photographs. This smile design takes into account various factors such as the harmony between the teeth and lips, facial shape, gender, the condition of existing teeth, the visibility of gums when smiling, and the symmetry of the teeth. This allows for a personalized smile design for the individual.

The process of applying laminate porcelain veneers is typically completed in 2-3 sessions. This treatment includes steps such as tooth preparation, dental impressions, veneer fabrication, and veneer application. The laminate porcelain veneer procedure takes an average of 2-3 weeks and provides natural and aesthetic results for achieving a beautiful smile.

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Laminated Dental Veneer
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