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Get Rid of the Effects of Aging!

Hand, Arm and Leg Aesthetics

We help you get the look that will make you feel younger and more dynamic than ever before by hand, arm and leg cosmetic surgery.

Hand, Arm and Leg Aesthetics

Hand area : Hands are the areas that reflect worn-downess and aging effects most visibly. These changes are particularly wrinkles on the skin, which are caused by sun-staining and reduction of subcutaneous fat tissue. These sometimes may present the person as way older than he or she is, and it can cause him to be abstained and unhappy in social settings.

Arm Area: Sagging may occur in the arm area, especially after processes of excessive weight gain and loss. Arm lifting or Liposuction (fat removal) applications,selected for appropriate cases, help people to resolve these problems.

Leg Area: The leg area is one of the regions that can be exposed to sagging due to weight gain and loss, just like the arm region. Liposuction or leg stretching applications are procedures that delivers great results.

How Hand, Arm and Leg Treatments Are Done ?

Hand area: Various non-surgical techniques are used to remove stains on the skin. In addition, fillers are used to replace the loss of skin and subcutaneous tissue, or the hand area can be filled using one's own body fat. The appearance of wrinkled skin turns into a fuller and tenser appearance and leaves its place to a younger and more alive skin texture.

Arm area: Liposuction alone or Liposuction with laser and radio frequency techniques can be combined to achieve positive results when there is no excessive skin laxity. Arm stretching is required for further sagging. Because in advanced sagging, liposuction is not enough to completely remove the abundant skin. It is worth noting that arm stretching is a process that results in scarring on the inside of the arm, although it decreases over time.

Leg area: Liposuction or leg stretching can be performed in selected cases. In the leg stretching process, the incision is kept as close as possible to the genital area and is adjusted to remain in the underwear.

To whom Hand, arm and leg aesthetics treatment could be applied to ?

Although the problems of the hands, arms and legs are related to excessive weight loss and age, there are appropriate treatment options for every person who has problems.

Why is Hand, Arm and Leg Aesthetics Treatment recommended?

Hand, arm and leg aesthetic treatment is preferred by many individuals who need aesthetic appearance or want to continue their healthy activities in a healthy way.

Which seasons are suitable for hand, arm and leg aesthetic treatment?

All seasons are suitable for this treatment. There is no special seasonal condition.

With there be any Pain After Hand, Arm and Leg Aesthetics Treatment?

The procedure may vary depending on the region, the technique and the person undergoing the procedure.

Get Rid of the Effects of Aging!

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Get Rid of the Effects of Aging!

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Get Rid of the Effects of Aging!

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Hand, Arm and Leg Aesthetics
Get Rid of the Effects of Aging!