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Buttock Lift Surgery
Reveal Your Proportional Body Contour!

Reveal Your Proportional Body Contour!

Buttock Lift Surgery

You can have the most ideal body size by buttock lift surgery. We determine the appropriate method considering the effect of hip-to-body ratio on making the person look much more beautiful.

What is a Buttock Lift?

A buttock lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that focuses on improving the appearance of the buttocks. It involves removing excess skin and fat from the buttocks to create a more toned and contoured look. This surgery can be done alone or as part of a lower body lift, which targets the buttocks, groin, thighs, and abdomen. It's important to note that a buttock lift alone does not add volume to the buttocks, but it can be combined with an augmentation procedure to alter the shape or size using implants or fat transfer from other areas of the body.

During the Procedure

When it comes to a buttock lift procedure, it typically takes several hours to complete. During the surgery, your experienced plastic surgeon will skillfully remove any excess skin and might utilize liposuction techniques to shape and contour the buttocks or thighs. The precise location of the incisions will depend on the specific approach chosen by your surgeon, which could involve making incisions along the lower back, hips, or underneath the buttock cheeks. Once the procedure is finished, the incisions will be carefully closed up using stitches, tape, or other materials, and dressings will be applied to protect the incision sites. In some cases, surgical drains may be placed to assist in draining any excess blood or fluid.

Who is a good candidate for the procedure

A buttock lift is typically performed in combination with other body contouring procedures. It can be a great option for individuals who have lost a significant amount of weight and have maintained a stable weight for 6 to 12 months. Additionally, individuals with a healthy weight who desire a dramatic improvement in the appearance of their lower body or those who have undergone liposuction and have loose skin may also benefit from a buttock lift. However, it's important to note that a buttock lift may not be suitable for everyone. Individuals with severe chronic conditions like heart disease or diabetes, those planning to lose a significant amount of weight, individuals with a body mass index greater than 32, smokers, and those with unstable mental health conditions may be cautioned against undergoing a buttock lift. It's always best to consult with one of our qualified patient coordinators and surgeons to determine if a buttock lift is the right choice for you.

Post op Care

• Wear a special medical corset for 3-4 weeks to reduce swelling.
• You may have difficulty moving and mild pain for a few days, but painkillers can help.
• Sitting is okay, but it might be challenging to sit down and get up right after surgery.
• Expect swelling and minor bruising, which will improve and disappear after 4 weeks.
• Avoid strenuous exercise for the first two weeks, but you can do all sports activities after 6 weeks.
• Take a bath on the third day after surgery, removing the corset beforehand.
• Sleep on your front for the first 2 weeks.
• Start driving short distances after 2 weeks.
• Schedule follow-up appointments at 1 week, 1 month, and 6 months after surgery.

Book a free consultation with one of our expert advisors at American Aesthetic today, in order to assess your BMI so that we make sure that the procedure is appropriate for you. As there are medical and physical limitations as to how much fat can be safely removed, the procedure may not be suitable for those who are overweight. The procedure itself is best suited for body sculpting as opposed to weight loss.

Why choose American Aesthetic?

Our patients needs are at the heart of American Aesthetic and we strive to ensure that they get the best possible care from the moment they make an enquiry to the moment they walk out of the hospital. As Turkey, Istanbul ranks the 3rd most popular place in the world for cosmetic surgery with an average of 1 million visitors each year, you will find that both our consultants and medical staff are more than qualified and experienced to attend to all your cosmetic needs. For American Aesthetic, it is of the uptmost importance that you walk out of our hospital with the look that you both want and deserve. The Operating rooms at American Aesthetic are fitted with the latest state-of-the-art medical appliances to ensure that you get the best possible results as well as with ultraviolet lighting to ensure that your operation takes place in the most hygenic of environments. For patients visiting from outside of Turkey, we provide a hotel room in the heart of Istanbul on the European side as well as a VIP pick up service from the airport to the hotel and between the hotel and hospital. Here are some other reasons why you should come to us for your surgery:

• American Aesthetic is a well established dedicated cosmetic surgery (we are not an agency or clinic).
• Our surgeons, nurses and other medical staff have many years experience in the field of plastic surgery.
• We are rated as one of Istanbul’s top plastic surgeries.
• As we are a boutique hospital and have limited surgeries each day, we are able to provide better quality care and post-op check ups.
• The same surgeon that carries out your operation will also oversee your post-op check ups.
• The majority of our patients have been recommended to come to us by previous patients which illustrates the outstanding quality of care we give.
• Our patient coordinators are all proficient English speakers and will be here to assist you from the moment you make an inquiry to the duration of your stay with us and even when you are back home to make sure you are recovering the way you should be.
• For cosmetic procedures that require surgery, you will be given all the necessary garments and medication (antibiotics and painkillers), to make sure you get a good start on your road to recovery.
• We use the latest technology and techniques.
• We offer the best affordable prices for an outstanding quality service.

We also provide all of the following free of charge when you choose to come to American Aesthetic:

  • 1) A VIP chauffeur to pick you up from the airport when you arrive and to bring you back when it is time for you to depart.
  • 2) Hotel accomodation with free breakfast. You may also bring one companion with you and they too will get free breakfast.
  • 3) Transport to bring you between the hotel and surgery on the day of your operation and every subsequent post-op check up.
  • 4) Pre-op consultation and post-op check ups at no extra charge.
  • 5) Corsets and stockings that should be worn post-op to help you heal.
  • 6) All of the medication you will need to get you on your journey to recovery post-op
  • 7) A native English speaker will also be present throughout your stay to make sure that all your needs are met.

People who get an Arm Lift with us often have some of the following procedures done too:

Arm lift (Brachioplasty)

The excess fat and skin under the arm can be one of the most difficult things to shift even after months of dieting. In such circumstances, an arm lift can be used to address this issue. By tightening the underlying supportive tissues and removing excess fat and skin our surgeons will be able to define the shape of your upper arm giving it a thinner and more aesthetic look.

Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Some of us are left with an excess of skin around our tummy area after losing a lot of weight or giving birth. As this skin cannot be lost through exercise or diet alone, a ‘tummy tuck’ can be used to surgically remove the excess skin to give your tummy a thinner more defined look. It is important to remember that a tummy tuck is not a weight loss procedure and may not be a suitable procedure for everyone.


As we age, lose weight or after we give birth, we may find certain pockets of fat are harder to remove than others through exercise and diet alone. Liposuction can help remove this fat by extracting it with a very strong vacuum. Outside of traditional liposuction, we also provide vaser liposuction which uses ultrasonic waves first to breakdown fat cells before extracting them. This often leads to less damage being done to the remaining tissue and thus enabling a quicker recovery time. Liposuction is a procedure which can be performed on all body parts.

Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammaplasty)

Although there are many women looking to make their breasts larger, there are an equal number of women looking to have their breasts reduced as the extra weight can be a burden physically or they are just simply uncomfortable having such large breasts. During a breast reduction operation excess skin and breast tissue is removed and the remaining breast tissue is used to form the shape of the breast.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Whether it is down to pregnancy, gaining a few pounds or even gravity, a woman may find her breasts begin to sag with time. During a breast lift operation the surgeon removes any excess skin you have and reshapes the breast tissue in a more central position making them look more better formed and aesthetically pleasing.

Hair Transplantation and Aesthetic Surgery Medical Center

Ames Health

Amerikan Estetik is not only an aesthetic center but also a reputable healthcare institution accredited by the Ministry of Health for Medical Tourism. This accreditation highlights the quality and reliability of the high-standard healthcare services we offer at our center in Istanbul-Şişli, covering areas such as Plastic Surgery, Medical Aesthetics, and Hair Transplantation.

We believe that aesthetic appearance is not just about external beauty but also about health and happiness. Amerikan Estetik Medical Center views transformation as an improvement not only in your outward appearance but also in your quality of life. Your health and happiness are our top priorities.

With our expert team, state-of-the-art equipment, and personalized treatment approach, we aim to provide you with the best results. Remember, Amerikan Estetik is not limited to beauty and aesthetics; it strives to be a hospital and aesthetic center that aims to be a part of your health and happiness. We are here to accompany you on a journey to a healthier and happier life.

Reveal Your Proportional Body Contour!

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Reveal Your Proportional Body Contour!

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Reveal Your Proportional Body Contour!

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About Our Buttock Lift Surgery Treatments Get Preliminary Information Now...
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Buttock Lift Surgery
Reveal Your Proportional Body Contour!