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Mommy Makeover Aesthetics
Have a Natural Look with Mommy Makeover Aesthetics!

Have a Natural Look with Mommy Makeover Aesthetics!

Mommy Makeover Aesthetics

Have a Dynamic and Aesthetic Appearance in Mommy Makeover Aesthetics.

Mommy Make Over

The mommy makeover is one of today's most popular combination plastic surgery techniques, designed specifically to address common issues faced by women who have been through pregnancy and breastfeeding. The surgical technique has found its way into mainstream media with it becoming the procedure of choice among Hollywood elite. "Mommy makeover" is a catch-all phrase that refers to a specialized combination of body contouring procedures, performed together to improve the physical changes that linger long after pregnancy. One reason for its popularity is that the mommy makeover has no set components; each procedure is custom-tailored to fit the individual patient's unique needs. However, the surgical approach generally starts with a breast and abdomen contouring procedure, then adding additional elements as needed. As the breasts and abdomen are the primary areas of change with motherhood, a mommy makeover will often center around a breast and abdomen procedure. During pregnancy and breast-feeding, the breasts will also enlarge, increasing as much as a full cup size or more. However, returning back to 'normal' can mean a significant loss in breast volume and noticeable sagging. Throughout a pregnancy, the abdominal muscles, skin and tissues stretch to safely accommodate the growing baby. Unfortunately, after childbirth, these layers may not bounce back to their taut, pre-baby shape. Breast implants can restore fullness and lost volume, while a breast lift helps to lift sagging skin for improving shape. Today's breast augmentation is safer and more effective than ever before, with many surgeons utilizing the Keller Funnel as a touch-free method to reduce the chance for infection and capsular contracture. For those with disproportionately large, uncomfortable breasts, a breast reduction surgery can create a smaller, more ideal appearance. To further improve the figure, commonly added techniques can include the abdominoplasty (also known as a tummy tuck, a circumferential abdominoplasty and liposuction. However, women do not have to stop here; a mommy makeover can also include a thigh lift, arm lift or a Brazilian butt lift. Depending on the individual surgeon and the recommended set of procedures, a mommy makeover can be performed during one single operation, or for safety reasons, may be spread out over multiple surgical sessions.

The Different Procedures That Make Up A Mommy Make Over

Tummy Tuck Surgery

A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that aims to improve the shape and appearance of the abdomen. It involves removing excess fat and skin from the abdomen, tightening the connective tissue, and repositioning the remaining skin to create a more toned and sculpted look. This procedure is often chosen by individuals who have excess fat or loose skin around the bellybutton area or a weakened lower abdominal wall. It can also be beneficial for those who have experienced significant weight changes, pregnancy, abdominal surgery, or aging. It's important to note that a tummy tuck can remove stretch marks and excess skin below the bellybutton, but it won't correct stretch marks outside of this area. Additionally, a tummy tuck can be performed in combination with other body contouring procedures, such as breast surgery. If you have had previous liposuction, a tummy tuck can be an option to address excess skin, as liposuction primarily removes fat tissue rather than skin. It's always best to consult with one of qualified patient coordinators and plastic surgeons to determine if a tummy tuck is the right choice for you based on your individual circumstances and goals.
Follow this link to find out more information on this procedure:

Body Lift Surgery

A body lift surgery is a comprehensive procedure that targets multiple areas of the body like the abdomen, back, buttocks, waist, hips, and thighs. It involves removing excess skin and fat to help you achieve a more toned and contoured appearance. The surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia, and the length of the procedure can vary depending on your specific needs. It's important to consult with one of our experenced patient coordinators and plastic surgeons who can guide you on the best approach to safely and efficiently address your goals. They may recommend combining liposuction with the body lift surgery to achieve the desired results.
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Liposuction Surgery

For many people, achieving their ideal figure may mean a rigorous routine of both eating healthily and regular exercise. Although for many, this may eventually yield the results that they desire, there are still many of us left with pockets of fat that just do not seem to burn away regardless as to how much physical exercise we do and how healthily we eat. This is where Ames can help. With our liposuction procedures (both traditional liposuction and vaser), we can help you achieve your ideal figure, as both procedures are specifically designed to target and remove those “hard to get rid of” pockets of fat.
Follow this link to find out more information on this procedure:

Breast Reduction Surgery

Although there are many women looking to make their breasts larger, there are an equal number of women looking to have their breasts reduced as the extra weight can be a burden physically or they are just simply uncomfortable having such large breasts. During a breast reduction operation excess skin and breast tissue is removed and the remaining breast tissue is used to form the shape of the breast. Mamoplasty reduction (also called breast reduction)) is a surgical procedure which decreases the size of the breasts, by removing, breast tissue, skin and fat thereby making them smaller, lighter and firmer. This type of procedure is aimed at women with large breasts who experience problems due to the excess weight, such as skin irritation under the breasts, breathing problems and back and neck pain.
Follow this link to find out more information on this procedure:

Breast Uplift Surgery

Mastopexy, also known as a breast uplift, is a surgical procedure that lifts and reshapes the breasts without necessarily reducing or increasing the size. The procedure involves rearranging breast tissue, occasionally repositioning the nipple and increasing the firmness of the breasts by tightening the skin. Mastopexy alone cannot increase the size of the breasts. If such an increase is desired, it may be combined with a breast implant procedure.
Follow this link to find out more information on this procedure:

Breast Enlargement Surgery

Breast Enlargement surgery, also known as Breast Augmentation or Breast Enhancement involves the insertion of implants under the breast tissue to increase the size or change the shape of the breasts. Many women choose to have Breast Augmentation surgery to boost body confidence and to feel comfortable with the size and shape of their breasts. Generally speaking, the size of the implant is decided on the day of your surgery between yourself and our experienced surgeons to see which size cup would be best for you. It should also be noted that in women whose breasts show considerable sagging that a breast uplift may also be recommended.
Follow this link to find out more information on this procedure:

General Post Op Care

• The mommy makeover is typically performed as an outpatient surgery, allowing you to recover at home. Your surgeon may recommend an overnight recovery suite for additional assistance during the first 24 hours.
• Plan on your recovery taking up to two weeks, depending on the specific procedures included in your mommy makeover. During this time, you may experience soreness, bruising, and swelling.
• Enlist the help of a family member or friend to assist you with routine chores around the house, as you will be tired and tender for several days after the procedure.
• Avoid driving until you have stopped taking certain pain medications, which your surgeon will prescribe for a comfortable recovery.
• Swelling can last for six months or longer, so it may take some time to see the full results of your mommy makeover.
• It is important to avoid heavy lifting, including carrying babies and children over 10 pounds, as well as vigorous exercise, for at least six weeks after the procedure.
• Non-smokers are ideal candidates for a mommy makeover, as smoking can significantly increase the risk of complications and delay wound healing. It is recommended to stop smoking for at least four weeks before and after the procedure.

Book a free consultation with one of our expert advisors at Ames today, in order to assess your BMI so that we make sure that the procedure is appropriate for you. As there are medical and physical limitations as to how much fat can be safely removed, the procedure may not be suitable for those who are overweight. The procedure itself is best suited for body sculpting as opposed to weight loss.

Why choose Ames?

Our patients needs are at the heart of Ames and we strive to ensure that they get the best possible care from the moment they make an enquiry to the moment they walk out of the hospital. As Turkey, Istanbul ranks the 3rd most popular place in the world for cosmetic surgery with an average of 1 million visitors each year, you will find that both our consultants and medical staff are more than qualified and experienced to attend to all your cosmetic needs. For Ames, it is of the uptmost importance that you walk out of our hospital with the look that you both want and deserve. The Operating rooms at Ames are fitted with the latest state-of-the-art medical appliances to ensure that you get the best possible results as well as with ultraviolet lighting to ensure that your operation takes place in the most hygenic of environments. For patients visiting from outside of Turkey, we provide a hotel room in the heart of Istanbul on the European side as well as a VIP pick up service from the airport to the hotel and between the hotel and hospital. Here are some other reasons why you should come to us for your surgery:

• Ames is a well established dedicated cosmetic surgery (we are not an agency or clinic).
• Our surgeons, nurses and other medical staff have many years experience in the field of plastic surgery.
• We are rated as one of Istanbul’s top plastic surgeries.
• As we are a boutique hospital and have limited surgeries each day, we are able to provide better quality care and post-op check ups.
• The same surgeon that carries out your operation will also oversee your post-op check ups.
• The majority of our patients have been recommended to come to us by previous patients which illustrates the outstanding quality of care we give.
• Our patient coordinators are all proficient English speakers and will be here to assist you from the moment you make an inquiry to the duration of your stay with us and even when you are back home to make sure you are recovering the way you should be.
• For cosmetic procedures that require surgery, you will be given all the necessary garments and medication (antibiotics and painkillers), to make sure you get a good start on your road to recovery.
• We use the latest technology and techniques.
• We offer the best affordable prices for an outstanding quality service.

We also provide all of the following free of charge when you choose to come to Ames:

• A VIP chauffeur to pick you up from the airport when you arrive and to bring you back when it is time for you to depart.
• Hotel accomodation with free breakfast. You may also bring one companion with you and they too will get free breakfast.
• Transport to bring you between the hotel and surgery on the day of your operation and every subsequent post-op check up.
• Pre-op consultation and post-op check ups at no extra charge.
• Corsets and stockings that should be worn post-op to help you heal.
• All of the medication you will need to get you on your journey to recovery post-op
• A native English speaker will also be present throughout your stay to make sure that all your needs are met.

People who get a Mommy make Over with us often have some of the following procedures done too:

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Anyone who is unhappy with the way his or her nose looks or have some type of breathing problem may consider having a type of rhinoplasty procedure. The type of rhinoplasty you need will be decided by one of our surgeons. Sometimes, it is necessary to make an external incision in the fleshy part between your nostrils (Open Rhinoplasty) and occassionally from inside (Closed Rhinoplasty). There are also times when the bones and cartilage need to be operated on internally for both cosmetic and health reasons and often by straightening the septum (Septorhinoplasty). And finally anyone who has had a nose job are only suitable for Secondary Rhinoplasty.

Arm lift (Brachioplasty)

The excess fat and skin under the arm can be one of the most difficult things to shift even after months of dieting. In such circumstances, an arm lift can be used to address this issue. By tightening the underlying supportive tissues and removing excess fat and skin our surgeons will be able to define the shape of your upper arm giving it a thinner and more aesthetic look.

BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)

For those with less volumptous backsides and even those who just wish to make their backside more rounded and curvaceous , a BBL might just be for you. By extracting fat from other parts of your body using traditional liposuction methods, our surgeons will be able to add this fat back to your buttocks and add more shape and volume.


Crowns, which are also sometimes called caps, are carefully fitted sleeves that sit over an existing tooth in order to protect it from further damage or to improve your smile. Often applied as part of a root canal treatment, they can also hold together teeth that are cracked and support bridges. Not only this, they can also be used to cover and improve the look of teeth that have become discolored.


Vaginoplasty can take on many different forms surgically and the type of procedure you recieve really depends on your goals or medical needs and may include the reconstruction or recreation of the vaginia using a multitude of techniques. Vaginoplasty is often sought after by those who are seeking to address defects caused by birth or trauma in order to improve sexual function as well as by those who need vaginal reconstruction after undergoing radiation therapy for cancer and other conditions. Vaginoplasty is also used to help address congenital abnormailities which may have affected the development of the vagina.


Labiaplasty - also known as labial reduction - is a form of plastic surgery that seeks to alter either the labia minora (the inner labia) or Labia majora (the outher labia) both of which are folds of skin surrounding the vulva. The procedure itself involves the shortening and reshaping of the labia by surgically removing unwanted tissue. This type of procedure is common among those who have congenital defects or experience discomfort during intercourse or simply for those who are unhappy with the physical appearance of having larger labia.

Hair Transplantation and Aesthetic Surgery Medical Center

Ames Health

Ames is not only an aesthetic center but also a reputable healthcare institution accredited by the Ministry of Health for Medical Tourism. This accreditation highlights the quality and reliability of the high-standard healthcare services we offer at our center in Istanbul-Şişli, covering areas such as Plastic Surgery, Medical Aesthetics, and Hair Transplantation.

We believe that aesthetic appearance is not just about external beauty but also about health and happiness. Ames views transformation as an improvement not only in your outward appearance but also in your quality of life. Your health and happiness are our top priorities.

With our expert team, state-of-the-art equipment, and personalized treatment approach, we aim to provide you with the best results. Remember, Ames is not limited to beauty and aesthetics; it strives to be a hospital and aesthetic center that aims to be a part of your health and happiness. We are here to accompany you on a journey to a healthier and happier life.

Have a Natural Look with Mommy Makeover Aesthetics!

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Have a Natural Look with Mommy Makeover Aesthetics!

Frequently Asked Questions

Mommy makeover treatment is applied to patients who have no contraindications to surgery, as specified by specialists, 6-12 months after a patient has gone through pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.
After pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, many women may experience discharge or sagging in their breasts. Similarly, there may be loosening of the skin in the abdomen and the skin may lose its tightness. In connection with losing or gaining excess weight, increased fattening and loosening can be seen in the arms and various body parts. After a certain period of time after pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, various surgical and non-surgical procedures for breasts, abdomen, arms and various regions give beneficial results. Mommy makeover surgery should be performed only by physician specialists under hospital settings.
Mommy makeover is performed under general anesthesia. Our patients are advised to act in accordance with the doctor's recommendations for slightly painful processes that may occur after Mommy makeover operation.
Mommy makeover can be performed in any season. There are no seasonal restrictions for mommy makeover surgeries.

Have a Natural Look with Mommy Makeover Aesthetics!

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About Our Mommy Makeover Aesthetics Treatments Get Preliminary Information Now...
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Mommy Makeover Aesthetics
Have a Natural Look with Mommy Makeover Aesthetics!